How Do I Send ALL Of My BAT From Brave's Wallet To Uphold?

So Currently I Am On Android 8 And On Latest Version & Have Verified My Wallet, I Want To Send My BATs From Brave To My Uphold Account Because I Need To Format My Phone, If Anyone Knows How To Send Them Do Tell Me How.

Thanks 4 Reading.

Hello, have you already connected your account to from brave to uphold?

Yeah I Did That, But Now What ? I Really Don’t know what to do…

Edit: I Am A User Not A Creator…

Well, if it is already connected, the logical thing is that your bat will automatically go to uphold if it does not happen I think it is related to a problem in which they are working.
what language do you speak?

English, Why Does That Matter ?

Could You Also Show Me The Thread Or Place To Keep Eyes On That Said Issue They Are Fixing ?

Because I don’t speak English and I’m using a translator and I wanted to explain the problem better in case you spoke my language anyway, I already gave you the link of the problem so that you have the information.

if I’m going to look for it to send it.

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I also have the same problem here is the link. I hope it will be solved soon. Regards.
Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account

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