How do I restore my former brave browser 🥺... I accidentally uninstalled it

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Description of the issue:
I accidentally uninstalled my browser which I’ve been using over a year now with 16.000BAT. I downloaded the brave browser again just now from the playstore and I can’t seem to recover my previous brave details

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. uninstall the browser
  2. Install it again
  3. Check to see if the previous details still exists

Expected result:
You’ll see what I’ve been trying to say

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.35.100, chromium 98.0.4758.87
Mobile Device details

Additional Information:

Hello if you are just trying to recover your BAT, i think there is a way… when u created ur wallet, u would have been asked to remember a 12 word recovery phrase ( it was 12 words for me atleast, but i read that 24 words are also there). Click on restore wallet and then enter your recovery phrase wherever you would’ve stored it @Jamesjaxx

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Suggestion: Get into the habit of daily:

  • Manually back up your Internet browsers’ Bookmarks and save them to some location that will withstand any recovery / restoration demands

  • Somehow back up your passwords (I keep recommending 1Password - but YMMV)

  • Windows OS users, Create a System Restore Point

Brave Browser for Windows OS users – Locate the BraveSoftware directory at



and .zip compress that folder (assuming you have WinZip installed). Give the resulting compressed file, a date stamp - in effect - for its name; for example:

Brave Browser for Mac OS users – Locate the BraveSoftware directory at

/Users/user_shortname/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware

and .zip compress that folder (this .zip compression ability is built-in – look in the Finder menu under File, for Compress . . .). Give the resulting compressed file, a date stamp - in effect - for its name; for example:

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@Jamesjaxx It depends on what you’re asking. If you are referring to BAT, then it depends if you had a verified custodial wallet yet. If you never did Verify your wallet, then all your BAT is lost. The reason is that the BAT you had earned is actually what is considered vBAT and was "kind of " stored on your device. If anything ever happens to an unverified device or browser, such as you uninstalling it, then all that vBAT is lost.

When you verify a wallet, then each month it converts vBAT to BAT during our monthly payout and is then stored is the custodial wallet, such as Uphold. (for Android there’s no Gemini yet). If you had verified, then when you do a new device or have to do a reinstall, all the BAT which had been stored on the custodial wallet will still be there and show up on your “new” browser.

As to bookmarks, extensions, etc those would only show up if you had created a sync chain and stored the code somewhere OR if you have another device that was synced. For example, if your Android and a Windows PC were synced together and you deleted Brave from your Android. When you install again, you would then go to your PC and Add New Device and from Android go to Add to sync chain or something like that (make sure you don’t create, but add). That would then put everything you previously had saved onto your Android.

Also, you can always make sure to save your sync code somewhere as a backup if anything like this happens again if you only have one device.

Brave Rewards and Sync are two different things,. which is why I spoke of them separately. I just wanted to leave this note because we’ve had a lot of people who think that when they choose to sync, they also sync their Rewards, but that’s not the case.

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