How do I remove the Sign Up request for Brave Rewards from the Home Screen

I grabbed my laptop this morning and fired up Brave and noticed that there was a sign up request wanting me to sign up for Brave rewards however I’m one of these people that do not want participate as I don’t want to see any advertisements. There was no way to X out of this message on the home screen and no way to say I’m not interested. I verified that the version I’m on is the most current version so my question is:

How can I get rid of this annoying message on my home screen? Any help will be appreciated.

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If you’re not interested in participating in Rewards is there a particular reason in which you need to view the Rewards screen?

Thanks for the reply. I thought I had canceled this thread but apparently I didn’t. After I entered this thread I found that BRAVE had actually did have a removal option on the sign up request on the home screen but it was not visible. The only way to see it is if you happened to move the mouse over the left side of the object on screen and then it would appear. Once I removed it, it was removed permanently.

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Glad you got that figured out! :slight_smile:

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