How do I remove sensitive websites from privacy report?

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How do I remove sensitive websites from my privacy report.

Ok, it shows all trackers that have been blocked and whatnot. Basically a web history right on the front of the new tab.

  1. I CLEARED my history but you can still see where I’ve been due to the web privacy report.

I want to wipe it to hide the hub from my hunnie!

Brave 1.15.76, Chromium 86.0.4240.111

Android 10; SM-N960U1 Build/QP1A.190711.020

Please help!

Long tap the icon > Remove, @Nazarenergy?

Didn’t work it only pops up a window with text saying what the lions head does.

I’m sorry. My bad. I misunderstood your question.
This one right?

I’m not sure if there’s a way to remove specific website. But there’s a setting for Privacy Reports.

Yay i found it thanks so much

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