How do i remove recently viewed sites from braves homepage

title say it all, but it would be nice to add favorite sites to said area but im not comfutable with how top viewed sites appearing on my browser’s homepage

At the moment, it’s not possible to add your own favourite sites. They are generated based on your history.
From Version 0.69.94 (which is Brave Dev) on, you can disable these.

For more information regarding the brave homepage, you might want to consider this

why did you show a pic instead of explaining how to get to said settings to change them?
that Dashboard settings isnt there on my browser

Because it‘s much mor easier to see it on a picture. But obviously you should also read what i wrote additionally:
It ONLY works in Brave Version 0.69 and higher. So in the current stable release and the current beta release it does NOT work. It‘s a new feature, so either wait until Brave stable is version 0.69, which is on the 10th September (in 1 month) . Or switch to Brave Beta, 0.69 will be released in a few days as far as I know:

Or use Brave dev version, then it‘s available now, but obviously it might be not very stable.

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