How do I regulate who gets tips and how much?

I did not set up any tips to be paid but received a message telling me I didn’t have enough to cover my tips. I shut rewards off weeks ago and now the 40 BAT I had is gone. I am new to the Brave browser and BAT and not too savvy with any computer. Using ElCapitan 10.11.6 Can anyone point me in the right direction to find out what happened?


Go to settings and turn off tips when you first sign on it automatically turns on so you need to turn it off completely.

Thank you for that info. That should help a lot. I think that until I understand further how and when BAT are allotted and stored I should keep it in the off position. Will that need to be done every time I sign on?
Thank you again for the help.

I should think not but everytime you log just keep an eye as this is still in the test face so things might not be 100% yet.

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