How do I register a site to be an "included site"?

I’m looking to make a web site an included website. It didn’t occur to me until I saw in my settings the other sites that I had been rewarding with BAT that my website still wasn’t included. How do I remedy this?

Hi @Volksmann,

Is it only your site that not listed under Preferences > Payments?

Basically, you can manually add your site via heart icon in URL bar. If it’s not working:

  • Can you click gear icon at Preferences > Payments and post the screenshot of it to this thread?


@eljuno, thank you for the prompt reply. I just went to check where my youtube channel was on my browser, but it’s no longer there. I also noticed that only a few sites have a green checkmark next to them which I’m guessing indicates that they are verified. Duckduckgo appears to be the only one verified.

Nevermind. I figured it out. Here’s a link if anyone else needs it. Thanks for the help.

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check . out this thread

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