How do I redeem my brave wallet money?

Brave Rewards

How do I redeem my brave reward money to actual money?

I assumed you’re asking as a user.

First, you need to create an Uphold account and do KYC. Then you can connect your Uphold account to your brave://rewards wallet (verifying your wallet). And every 5th, your ads earning will be deposited to your wallet.

Doesn’t kyc defeat the purpose of user privacy?
I was also checking my atomic wallet and noticed a bat token in it. Is this the brave bat or is there another bat token?

Sadly, KYC is required by law. To prevent fraud and ML. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure about that.

I tried to complete my KYC with Uphold. But sadly it says my documents look like photocopies however I’m uploading my original documents. Then i guess there’s no other option to make Uphold believe its real. I’ll never be rewarded. No point of using this browser anymore…

Got verified in seconds aka I don’t believe you.

Wanna see a video?? I can record my screen and upload a video on yt

As a user it says I’ve earned 383.7 BAT as I’ve been a long time user with rewards enabled, but i can only get the 115.3 to transfer. Where is the rest or how do I get it to transfer?

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