How do I pay to advertise to Brave users?

I understand the “getting paid to see ads” end of the ads. I’m wondering about the other end.

How does a company/person/non-profit/etc pay to advertise to Brave users?

If I understand correctly, I believe you’re wondering about how to run an Ad campaign? If so, you can sign up here:

Hello, I’m in the same situation than the author of this thread. I entered my email address in the input titled “Want to Launch a Brave Campaign?” and I haven’t received nothing for days (maybe a month now, I don’t remember when I did it).
The process looks tricky and a bit old-fashioned. Is it possible to have further information about how the current advertisers have been selected already? The prices? Is it possible to pay the ads directly in BAT?
Whatever more info you can provide would be good.