How do I NOT open a specific set of pages on startup (while also being able to if I want)?

Description of the issue: Sometimes I want to open 8 specific tabs when launching brave, for example, if I am working. Sometimes I simply want to launch brave to make a quick google search or open a youtube tab etc.

How do I launch Brave without opening a specific set of tabs, while still having a specific set (or better yet, multiple specific sets, but that’s a whole other question) of tabs saved in my settings that could be opened upon launch, if desired?

The issue is reproducible by going to your settings, and under “getting started”, check “open specific set of pages” and add a few pages. Then launch Brave. You will see that it will always open these specific pages. There does not appear to be an option to open one single “blank” tab, instead of these pages.

The best workaround I’ve found to date is launching brave (with the specific pages being opened), then launching a second window of brave. It will just open a blank tab at that point.

Brave Version: 1.61.120

Additional Information:

There’s no obvious command line switch for that here…

That sounds like the perfect use case for having a second profile, with its own set of startup tabs (or none). On Windows 10 (and maybe 11?) you can pin profiles to the taskbar so it’s easy to access them, otherwise you can click Mange Profiles in the profiles menu (in the toolbar, or Ctrl+Shift+M), select Show On Startup in the Manager, and pick a profile each time you start Brave.

One big downside is that you can only sync one profile to a mobile device.

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