How do I 'move' cookies with web content moved to a new host?


I’ve been using a character creator web tool for PCs and NPCs in my Roleplaying group. Recently, the tool’s creator switched to a major upgrade but my group is still used to (and prefers) the old version of the tool. With the developer’s permission, I’m currently hosting the old version for myself and my players on my own site.

Only problem is that the tool stores character sheets as browser cookies and none of my PCs/NPCs are available through that instance since the character sheets are still associated with the developer’s site. Presumably I need to do something like ‘move’ my existing character sheet cookies so that they’re associated with my own site.

  1. Is that even possible?
  2. If so, some helpful hint about where to start would be much appreciated.


Hi @CliqueBait sorry for the horribly late reply, we just fixed a UI issue in community which was hiding some posts.

If you want to fiddle around with this, the first place I’d look is your brave profile folder (~/Library/Application\ Support/brave for macOS, %appdata%/brave for windows, ~/.config/brave for linux)

You may be able to migrate some if not all of that info to another machine.

It’s unfortunate the tool doesn’t have an export to csv / pdf option.

Side question, is this 5e, pathfinder, or something else? (I’m currently DMing a 5e campaign and looking for a tool to tide us over until hits beta phase 2)

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