How do I make a cash donation too brave?

How do I make a cash donation to Brave?

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You can’t. You can tip brave using the built in brave rewards option. Not sure on how to directly send cash donation to brave.

You can also get Brave services or Merch which I guess in a way is better since you don’t have to deal with a Subscription and it is just one time purchase. But Rewards is not the only way Brave generate revenue.

Brave Merch Store

Brave Search Premium

Brave VPN

Brave Talk Premium

from FAQ:

How does Brave make money?

Brave Software is a privately held, for-profit company. We generate revenue in several ways, including:

  • The sale of New tab takeovers and Brave Ads, the first-party ad units that users opt into via our privacy-preserving ad platform. Note that opted-in users receive 70% of this ad revenue back in the form of BAT.
  • Subscriptions to our premium products, including Brave Firewall + VPN and Brave Talk Premium.
  • Nominal transaction fees attached to token swaps in Brave Wallet, and to creator tips and auto-contributions made via Brave Rewards.
  • Partnership deals (for example with platforms integrated into the Brave browser).

For more information, check out Brave’s transparency report.

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