How do i know if brave upgrades to https?


I’m new to brave… i read that it automatically upgrades from http to https whenever possible. But how do i know when and if it does?


Desktop: In the URL bar, you should see a padlock icon. If it is unlocked, then it is only http://; if it is locked, then it is https://. You should also be able to tell from the protocol name itself. At least on MacOS, it will read https:// when I am on a secured site; if I am not, then it will simply display http:// and not append the s.

Mobile: At least on iOS, you should see a green padlock icon if the site has https://. If not, there will simply be no padlock icon. You can double check by pressing on the URL bar to reveal the full URL including protocol.


Also, you can click Brave icon at top right and see [number] HTTPS Upgrade. If it show the number, then it seems there’s a sources that been upgraded from HTTP to HTTPS. On desktop you can click those number to see which sources that been upgraded.

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