How do I install Brave in Ubuntu?



I tried following the commands git hub gave (what brave linked me to when clicking download), but none of them worked. Brave is not available in the app store either. Can someone help me install Brave on Ubuntu? (16.04.3)


@MrWrongOpinion i’m on Ubuntu 16.04 and have had no problems installing Brave.
On the download page, scroll down to the following. (it won’t have the web address highlighted)

wget -O brave.deb sudo dpkg -i brave.deb

Copy this and paste into the terminal,
It will automatically download something without asking for your your password.
When this bit is finished it will be back at your name and the $ sign and some more code.
press enter and now it will ask for your password, enter it and it will install Brave.

Any problems just get back to us.


Instead you can download the latest deb package on

let me know if the package cannot be installed.


It kept saying that brave.deb is an invalid URL. After tons and tons of script, the terminal freezes. What should I do now? Thanks in advance.


It worked! Thanks! How do I keep it up to date? Sorry, linux noob here :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it will be updated via apt. Would you mind trying sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get remove brave && sudo apt-get install brave ?


A suggestion.
When someone goes to the main download page, it doesn’t take you to the latest deb package.
It could be clearer.
Keep up the good work.


would you mind letting me know which version of the package you found?


Sorry re reading my post, not correct.
When going to the main Brave site and clicking on download for Linux takes you to this page

It then takes you to

No sign of any deb packages.
only the ‘wget’ install


You can download the latest release build package on, but the build is not updated automatically.

If you install the browser following the instruction on this page, you will be able to let the browser updated with apt (apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y) or dnf.



Thanks for your reply and I don’t want to take up much of your time.
I think you miss my point, ‘I’ know where all the various downloads are (I’m on 19.6 beta)
but a newcomer coming to your main website only gets directed to the pages in my last post.
The latest ‘deb’ file should be on this page.

Again thanks for all the good work.


Ah I got your point now. That makes sense.

Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:


Why is it so hard for the developer to just put a *.deb on the download page for a beginner like me to click and install like it is with Google Chrome?
All this Linux install instructions about installing snap or some wget link install but no update just frustrate a linux beginner like me.
I’ve heard that Brave browser is discrete and fast but at this point where it is hard for newbies to follow several commandline instructions, I will have to pass and stick with Firefox instead.
Until Brave developers setup an simpler click-and-install method, this brave will not be on many Linux deskops; especially newbies’!