How do I import bookmarks from Pale Moon browser?


When I clicked on the IMPORT button I saw two of my three browsers in the dropdown menu- IE and Firefox, but didn’t see Pale Moon, which I’ve been using the last couple of years. I have a lot of bookmarks in PM that I don’t have in the other two. Is there something on that menu that would import them? Thanks!


Please try importing the bookmark file, which should be able to be exported on Pale Moon.

FYI please remind that performance with a large number of bookmarks is not so good until 0.20 is released. I personally recommend you to import them after 0.20 is released :wink:


Except I didn’t see Pale Moon listed in the dropdown menu when I clicked the button to do the import. I did see IE and Firefox which I also have. I suppose I could start with FF since that has about 1/2 of what I commonly use in PM. When is 0.20 due to be released?


What @suguru mean is export your Pale Moon bookmarks as html file then import it to Brave as Bookmarks HTML file. :slight_smile:

No due date, AFAIK. Brave have some 0.19.x hotfix releases before release the 0.20.x version, if not changed.


That makes sense. I did see an html option so I’ll try that.

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