How do I give feedback about an advertiser?

Hi Brave team and community. Firstly, I have been using brave for very long and I adore it. Simple fact. My question, how do we as users give feedback, or ratings, or inform brave that a entity or company that advertised with brave is either good or bad? In my case, I am having a very poor experience with a company that I am working with that I was introduced to through Brave advertising. Not blaming Brave in the least, but feel I should have a way to inform Brave of this as well as to rate them somehow for other Brave users to be aware of my experience.

Hi @A_ri_el, Welcome to Community!
There is no way to rate or give feedback on the ads you see. Probably the closest thing would be to post about them here.
I would strongly advise you to reach out to that company’s Support and let them know about your experience.

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