How do I get rid of a rewards account permanently

I’ve already tried to read through HELP. It was useless. I have decided I do not want to use the Brave rewards service. I was halfway through setting up an account, began reading all the terms and conditions involved which are anything but user friendly. Got to the point when I found there were all type of unexplained, ridiculous fees, as well as a mountain of legalese information, when I decided to stop before going any further and search for a user friendly, complete, thorough explanation of the BAT and how the entire system works. It doesn’t exist. At this point, I want to make absolutely sure no account exists for me attached to anything having to do with user rewards. Please explain to me how I can make sure any account which may have partially or completely been created can be destroyed.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? I just signed up for Brave yesterday. I’m sure it’s the latest. I don’t know the particulars.

Who is your verified custodian? (Uphold/Gemini/bitFlyer) I was attempting Gemini but I didn’t complete it. I want to make sure it doesn’t exist.

Are you in a supported region? Tucson AZ, USA, for Gemini, yes

That has nothing to do with Brave. This would be between you and Gemini. If you had actually completed/submitted documentation or personal info to them, then they may have some of that. But if you never did finalize an account, it most likely wouldn’t be retained or used. No clue how far you went on that. But again, you would need to contact them to find out the specifics of how they handle data.

The only data Brave would have in terms of your personal information is whatever you’ve used to create the account you have to create this topic. Anything else would just be anonymized info from using the browser, which they fully explain in Terms and all.

Not sure I’d agree. Not sure what you’re looking at and saying doesn’t exist. And more is on the way.

Nope, nothing. And if you don’t want ad notifications, make sure those are turned off. If you don’t want ads on your new tab page (NTP), make sure you customize your NTP settings and toggle off Sponsored Images.

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