How do I get my brave rewards

I am new to to Brave( kind of, been using it as my search engine for 8 months) It was my understanding that you needed 15 bat coins in total before you can put them in your wallet. But all my bat coins are no where to be found. Someone told me I have to claim them every month or I would lose them for the month. Can someone please help and tell me what to do and how to claim them. Thanks…Also my little triangle has disappeared and only the lion sign is showing.

Hi @Finfan420, next time please post in the #brave-rewards:rewards-support category and fill the template.

Which type of device are you using?

If your device is an smartphone, does it pass the Safetynet check?

It’s your browser up-to-date?

Toggle this off, if it has been turned on:

Found here: brave://settings/appearance

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