How do i get my BAT from browser to my newly verified Uphold account?

i have like 60 BAT that i’ve accumilated over a few months and I finally got my uphold account verified (was not easy at all) and idk where this browser wallet is that i can send its funds to the uphold wallet or will it auto send at some point like at the next earnings period?

Pending rewards will be sent to your Uphold wallet automatically every 5th of the month.

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tnx this is what i thought that there is no manual way to move those funds they are just sent to uphold at this rewards point every month

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This uphold is the biggest problem between mass adoption of bat . i think bat should just transfer all crypto in a personal wallet amd user deal with how they spend or exchange it. using uphold is nightmare… what bat can do is they can set a limit say 1000 bat , only above these limits a user need to verify details and use some uphold… i am pissed off due to so lengthy process kf uphold.

uphold android apllication crashes rvery time ,there website and verifocation process is also not smooth, they don’t support bank account in my country… more over whats the point of bat tokens if you need to do same bank like things…:angry:

nowhere i do business is smooth… always some confusion or lengthy waits somewhere. the id reading wasnt working really i’d hold my phone camera on my id for like 10 minutes and nothing so i wrote them to look at the sent id from webcam theirselves and the process was completed. wasnt sure if it was my low quality phone or it just really is that hard to read id’s on a phone. all 4 frame bars up for minutes at a time and nothing and it scanned finally and said still there was some error somewhere.

as for banking there’s other ways to cash crypto currency by simply converting it into dollars or whatever currency u prefer then sending it to yourself through paypal or something. not easy but once u get through all the obstacles i imagine it gets reliable.

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