How do I get Brave to save my Logins?


I’m new to Brave and I wanna know how I fix this.

For example, if I login into my gmail, then quit the browser, and reopen it, it’ll forget that I was logged into my account. How do I fix this?


Hi @AmaniTheLion1996,

Is this on desktop, Android or iOS? For now I assume it’s on desktop version. :slight_smile:

First, let’s make sure you set it up right.

  • Did you have Brave built-in set as your password manager under Preferences/Settings > Security > Password Manager?
  • When you log into any site, did Brave show you a permission notification to save those credential? Did you click Allow?

At this steps, if all answer is Yes, then Brave should save your login info. Let’s check something.

  • Did you have any settings enabled under Private Data in Preferences/Settings > Security? If yes, which one is enabled? Screenshot is also helpful.



Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:


I want to see the passwords saved in Brave Built-In. I do not how how? Can you help me please? - Thanks


Hi @Oimitue,

Is it on desktop? Desktop is available at about:passwords. Type it on your URL bar and it’ll open the password manager.



Yes, it is on desktop. But i want to see the actual caracters, just like on any other browser. Is it possible?
i sent you a file :slight_smile:. Thank you in advance


Currently, no. But you can copy the password by clicking clipboard icon at the end of every logins info.


Thank you very much. Very helpful. :slight_smile:


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