How do I email a web link using Thunderbird?

I installed a ‘mailto’ app, but it doesn’t offer Thunderbird as a choice and I don’t know the URL for it. Does Brave offer something that works?

Running Win 7 and Brave Dev.

Hi @Grammy,

Thanks for writing in. You’ll need to ensure that the default mail app on your OS is set to Thunderbird.

Try the following steps: Windows -> Default apps -> Email -> Thunderbird

Let me know if this doesn’t work and we’ll keep digging!


The mailto extension I added from the Google store, I guess only works with an ‘online’ mail service. Do you have an app that will work with Thunderbird? I don’t have this issue with Firefox or with Chrome. This is an important feature I need. Thank you.

Can you tell me which mailto app you’ve installed in Brave so that I can test this on my end? Additionally, just to confirm, you’d like to be able to click a link in-browser, which then opens Thunderbird (assuming it’s a mailto link/email address) by default – is that correct?

I got it from the Chrome store: Mailto: Offered by: mailto developer; it puts an envelope above the Taskbar.

I want to click the Mailto ‘envelope’ and have Thunderbird open with the URL link in the message part so I can send the link of the web page to someone. I want it to work just like the Mailto links in the other browsers. Buuuttt this app from the Chrome store doesn’t work that way. It says:
Choose an email service
AOL mail
Hotmail / Windows Live Mail /
Yahoo mail
Zoho mail

Does this make sense and help?

This extension works for me with Thunderbird when Tbird is set as the default email application in Windows: After installation it adds a envelope icon at the right side of the address bar. Before first using it, open Options for the extension and set “Email Sender Selection” as the default email client and " Open in new window" as default email client.

WONDERFUl! It works…I’m so happy. :smiley: I had tried the Chrome webstore before but I didn’t find this link there. I wonder why. Thank you.

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