How do I earn BAT?


Hello I just joined Brave and I want to know how I can earn BAT?


Hi @Peyton_Noah,

If you’re a publishers [1] or content creators [2], you can verify your channel and referring Brave [3] to your viewers. You also can encourage your viewers to donate to your sites/channel through Brave Payments [4].

As a user, you can earn BAT from BAT grant (Brave did 2 grants in the past) and the upcoming opt-in private ads.

Hope that can help answer your question.


So you have to be a youtuber? Or can you reply to comments just like mine (publisher)?


If you own a website and its domain name, have a YouTube channel or are a Twitch streamer, you can benefit from the Brave Payments system. The Brave Payments system is a contribution-style wherein users on the Brave browser will donate BAT tokens to your site/channel automatically based on how much time they spend on your content.

If you are a user, you will be able to earn BAT tokens for any advertisements displayed to you. These ads are consent-based and privately-matched, meaning there is no third-party data collection or tracking (including by Brave the company). This part of the platform, known as BAT Ads, has not yet been released, but do stay tuned. You should see first versions of BAT Ads out in approximately the first half of this year (2018).

In sum, if you’re a publisher, you can already benefit from Brave Payments via user donations and the referral promotion. If you’re a user, you will be able to earn once BAT Ads is released, or once another round of BAT promotions begins.

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