How Do I Donate BAT to a Website/ YouTuber/ BitChuter, etc.?

Do I need to be in a special Alpha or Beta program to donate any of the BATs that I have accumulate that expire, or the ones that I purchased?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @SeanIsNot ,

I’ll give you 3 simple steps to donate BAT to publishers/creators via Brave Payments:

  • Enable Brave Payments at Preferences > Payments. This feature currently only available on desktop version of Brave.
  • Add fund to your Payments wallet. Using your own BAT or free BAT from BAT grants.
  • Then, just visit or watch their contents. The site or channel will be added to your Payments list at Preferences > Payments.

Done! After 30 days, the contribution will be sent automatically to the included list and will be distributed based on your attention (visit and time spent).

You also can turn OFF auto-include and manually add the site/channel using heart icon at URL bar. And you also can set fixed percentage of contribution to specific site/channel, it’s called pinning.

Hope that clear for you,
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


At the end of the 30 days when the distribution occurs does this empty your wallet and is the idea that you then add to the wallet for the next distribution?

It depends on your Monthly budget and your Account balance at Preferences > Payments. You can set your monthly budget lower or same like your account balance.

You can add your own fund. Or claim next month free BAT, since Brave do monthly BAT giveaway.



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