How do I do what Ccleaner does to Brave



I have 2 clones running windows.10. When I used Chrome I had to use Ccleaner about once a quarter to remove residue which browsing tends to leave nowdays. I love Brave. It made my mother’s computer usable again, but I’m going to need something to clean out old files etc. thanks


Yes it would be nice of CCleaner did include Brave in it’s programs to clean.
It does Chrome but not Brave.
There is a request in to CCleaner to have this problem addressed but it is about as popular a request as a cookie manager is here in Brave.
There is a way to do this by creating an .ini file for CCleaner and pointing it to Brave but then you have to be a fair programmer to do this.


Can I manually delete the cookies and temp files on the computer?


Or are there other competitors of CCleaner that do the same thing. Mainly
asking because Mom’s computer can only run Brave


I haven’t found a Cleaner that will hit the brave cookies.
I spent several hours online looking for one.
I may program a work around by creating the .ini file myself.
If I bother to do so I will remember you need it and send it to you.

Since Brave is in ‘early release’ there are very few professional companies that will bother.
I went back to the new FireFox even though I did not want to.
Had to set up all my Security Software AGAIN.

Good luck.


Ok thanks.

But, is it just a matter of deleting files? I may be willing to do it for
Mama’s computer. Are they stored with the browser?


Hi, try to clear%temp%


To answer your question, Yes it is a matter of deleting A FILE (singular) All your cookies are stored in one data-base like file.
Just find out where they put it.
Or Just choose delete ALL cookies, which is the only option in Brave.

As stated previously I am using Fire Fox, again, just because I can use CCleaner.
Had to up my add-ons to get the Brave like security of blocking trackers, add blocking, etc.

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