How do I disable this new feature ... ? (Websites underneath the address bar ... )

See attached picture. Look at the site icons below the address bar. This is a new feature, it seems. I do not like it. Adds unnecessary clutter to the screen, to be honest. How do I disable it? I hope it can be disabled. Thanks! (By the way, this is on Android. Version 1.32.106.)

Follow-up: Anyone? Can someone from Brave please reply? Thank you very much.

EDIT: I hope this follow-up doesn’t get me in trouble. I’ve waited 20+ days for a reply.


Figured it out. Go to “brave://flags.” Then search for “Omnibox.”

Look for: “Omnibox Most Visited Tiles.” Disable that. It’ll fix the icons.

You’re welcome! (Wish someone from Brave responded, though.)

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