How do i disable the search tab?

Remove this please. Many of us don’t like it.

Indeed, want this and other annoying icons gone.

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Another one wanting this off

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I would also want this to be off badly.

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As a general rule , every time something is added to the UI make sure there is also a way to turn it off

I cant every imagine a scenario where I would want to search across tabs


I want this garbage GONE NOW give us a way to remove it. Its a fucking useless feature that I will NEVER use why do you force this CRAP on your users!!!

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Just adding my voice to this thread. I agree there needs to be an option for disabling or clearing the tabs list more completely the just trashing ones history. I’d prefer it gone.

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It’s just a tiny button; shouldn’t be too much of a pet peeve. That said, Brave could add a lot of UI feature disabling in settings :expressionless:

Of course, I don’t see much point in it; Google doesn’t have it and we’re happy.

Adding my voice here also. Can’t stand the extra Icons constantly getting added with no way to remove them. A puzzle piece for extensions that I want gone. Now the search tabs button that I want gone. Zero method to disable them in Brave and Brave Beta. Come on, stop forcing things on us. I thought this browser was about giving us choice and control. Starting to feel more like the companies you’re trying to separate yourselves from.

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Thumbs up to remove it from me too.

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Please remove it or have is disabled by default with an option to turn it on, NOT AUTOMATICALLY TURNED ON BY DEFAULT when updating Brave.

I might add it is a very irritating and virtually useless addon.

I signed up for an account today just to chime in that I would like to have this disabled.

I’m a huge Brave evangelist. I tell everyone I know to use Brave. I’m active on the Brave reddit, and in the Brave search trial. It’s important for Brave to keep users like me happy.

Let me explain why this is so important. Before switching to Brave, I used Firefox. I had been using it since back when it was called Netscape. One of the major problems that has come to plague Firefox over the years is the poor decision making with regard to default settings. Out of the box Firefox has a big UI with big icons, new tabs are filled with ads, and nagging messages pop up constantly. There’s no ad-blocking by default, no built-in Tor, nothing that any modern internet user would want or need. The first thing every power user has to do when they install Firefox is turn off telemetry and pretty much every other feature. Every default setting is wrong. That means something. It reflects the values of people at Firefox. They don’t respect their own users. I was loyal, but finally had enough. Thank goodness for Brave.

I would hate to see Brave go down this path of self destruction. Brave is brave for taking a stand against Google, and Brave needs to keep it up. Every time Google introduces a new feature, Brave needs to seriously consider it. Google is an enemy. That’s why we’re here. So when possible, Brave ought to bring itself into conflict with Google just for the sake of it.

Google wants a big ugly button on your screen. Brave needs more than just an option to disable. Brave shouldn’t allow its users to have a big ugly button even if they want one. Brave is our father figure, with a duty to protect us.

Thank you for your time and all the great work you do.


This is the funniest thing ever! I literally just installed Brave because Google removed the ability to disable that ANNOYING search tabs arrow, and I wanted to find a Chrome alternative. The first thing I see when I load up Brave? That search tabs arrow. :upside_down_face:

I honestly don’t know why seeing that arrow makes me, literally, angry. I think it’s because it feels redundant and unnecessary, and yet, we can’t do anything about it. Oh well.

Indeed. Why the heck would I want to use Brave if it’s just another Chrome?

Get rid of the Chrome crap, please. And give us options.

The Search Tabs button’s location, up in the Window’s title bar, is a bit creepy. I understand that’s also where tabs are shown. It also creates a perception that Brave is venturing out of the browser and into the OS. Probably not, but it’s still a poor choice for location. And yes, it is essentially a useless, quasi-feature.

Why the hell have they not fixed this b.s. yet? Frickin ridiculous mate, wtaf! DO Brave devs WANT US ALL to leave and use Firefox instead now???


Well, this is disheartening as I went looking to find a way to turn that ridiculous thing off only to find this thread. I have been with Netscape, then Firefox, since its inception only I left Mozilla last month. I came to Brave for their freedom stance only I see little things like this which is what Mozilla did with Firefox. Users wanted things gone and Mozilla just said to hit the pavement. Is Brave doing the same thing?

BTW, when I tried to reply I see free speech isn’t allowed in here as I used a non-vulgar word (stu**d) to describe it, and a popup said it isn’t allowed. I don’t like my speech being curtailed about a button. AGAIN, these little things, from this to the button to a couple of other things I saw from the devs has me wondering if they already went over to the dark side?

I have to say, I really don’t understand why people are upset about this. I love the feature, esp. when used with the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+A), because I am a user who typically has many tabs open. If I need to find a specific tab, a quick keypress and type a few chars and I can find it, even if I have hundreds of tabs open.

And if I need to go back and forth between tabs I can hit the key combo and use the arrows; again, very fast. Many people have been dying for this capability to be ported from Firefox; well, here it is (albeit implemented differently).

I don’t disagree that it would be nice to be able to disable it if you don’t want it, don’t use it, etc. But it does have a purpose that some people find quite useful, and its presence can actually obviate the need for an extension to deal with this.

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Nothing wrong with you loving the feature, the problem is many don’t like it and we need an option to enable/disable it for those who hate it and feel it’s unnecessary. It’s literally being forced upon us.