How do i delete 3rd Party Websites . delete option dont work

please tell me how to delete those things, i have like 20 website that have permenant acces cockies+ 3rd parties. some i want to keep but otherones i want to delete, but if i click on delete button nothing is happening.

1.) The delete function is not working and will never work, as you have whitelisted the cookies through brave shields. Go to each individual site/page for which those cookies are seen. And turn On shields for those sites. It will automatically be deleted. Some might stay in the browser, so will have to follow the second point and delete them permanently (it might not be needed to be done).

2.) Go to see all cookies and site data on the same page you are.
In your photo, it is the last one, below the orange On button. From there, you can configure your cookies.

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