How do I control the initial sync direction when adding devices to the chain?

alrighty, so once you know how it works, everything is actually pretty logical… I like it. :slight_smile:

FWIW, I never save sensitive information to my browser anyway, I have separate dedicated systems in place for managing things like account login, address, and bank card details. I’m only really interested in this for browser extensions and bookmarks, possibly “saved tab groups” (currently undecided).

so, the Turn on which sync first? thread was a decently interesting read, even if it did seem like you (Saoiray) and Mattches did end up answering the same questions more than once… “Brave Sync” seems to use a “distributed repository” model, similar in a way to Git repositories with auto merging. as a developer, this makes perfect sense.

reading through the Sync is not a backup post (and other posts in the same thread) was also helpful, but it does leave me with just one more question though: I only need to care about that when I’m adding a new device to my sync chain, correct? so it won’t have any bearing on average daily use?

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