How do I collect my Brave Ads rewards from my Smartphone to Uphold?

Every month I have the same problem, when clicking claim pending rewards it does nothing, it just shows an error and the tokens are not charged to my Uphold account.

If they do not give me a solution, I will cancel the reception of Brave advertising, because seeing free advertising on my cell phone does not interest me.

I need a support response to this problem that I’ve been asking for help for a while and no one answers.

Cómp cobrar mis recompensas Brave Ads desde mi Smartphone a Uphold?

Todos los meses tengo el mismo problema, al darle reclamar recompensas pendientes no hace nada, sólo marca un error y los token no son cobrados a mi cuenta de Uphold.

Si no me dan solución voy a cancelar la recepción de publicidad Brave, porque ver publicidad gratis no me interesa en el celular.

Necesito una respuesta de soporte a esta problemática que llevo rato solicitando ayuda y nadie responde.

I have this problem since march
And really dont know anymore what to do

Today i was able to claim april rewards and my browers says ive got 1.5 bat but there is nothing in my uphold wallet
And stil nothing from march

Is there anything i m missing ?

Allready did litterly everything i saw in al of the trouble shooting solotions

It won’t probably help you but my smartphone is uphold verified for 4 month. I never had to claim my reward, it just land on my uphold every 7th on the month…

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