How do I clear Cache? Good Housekeeping!

I have been having slow issues with my imac so have been clearing out caches & old documents - and I wondered how do i clear Braver cache? I can’t find any instructions on help centre

Slow desktop but cleared old files & safari Cache:

not applicanble in this instance.

One particluar website that I ma working on is taking 2:25 mins to load - and I am trying to reduce any local pribalems that might be adding to this & I do not think this is a brave issue as I was in safari and other sites are not as slow.:

Instructions on how to clear any cache if this is applicable.

not a Brave issue

mac OS Mojave 10.14.6:

None really:

To clear your browser cache, go to:
Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data
From here, you can select cache and other data you’d like to clear.

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