How do I change fingerprint manually?

I’d like to change fingerprint spofing on Brave android manually. It SHOULD NOT change after browser restart. It must change when I want (select necessary option) and stay constant (even after restarts) until my next decision.

How to do it. I have rooted phone on a14

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Have you tried turning off ‘Block Fingerprinting’ ? Settings > Shields

I need spoofed data but it must not change/randomize automatically every session or new site or app reset. Manually only. I have rooted device if more deep access needed to setup.

Support available? Could you please answer

I will donate person who give me the answer

Uninstall brave it will work. Now give me money

Are you kidding me? Flooder

@voldemx Brave doesn’t do as you’re asking, I don’t think. Fingerprint is randomized or not at all. You don’t have detailed control over what gets spoofed or when.

I ready to donate for those who give solution/mod

I will pay $100 per mod

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