How Do I Cashout My Rewards

I’m wondering how I can get the BAT I received from ads into my uphold account. additionally, I noticed that my balance is appearing different on all of my devices that are verified.

Hi @SamGreenwood
How many devices are you using? And what is the OS for each device?

@Aa-ron I don’t remember. Some old devices that I don’t use anymore might be verified still. is there a way to tell how many devices are?

Also, it appeared to be updating until the last ad payout.

1 Windows and 2 Android that I currently use.

You can only connect a max of 4 wallets to Uphold. If any old devices have been connected they’ve taken up 1 or more of the 4 slots and that’s probably why BAT is appearing differently on your devices.

Ok, but it seemed to be syncing normally until a couple of weeks ago. I’ve not added or removed devices from my Uphold account I a few months.

@SamGreenwood, thanks
Please see DM