How do I Cancel VPN Account?

Does Brave have a customer service number so I can Cancel? This VPN does not allow me to use my Bank! I cannot find a phone number or an e mail so that I’m able to cancel this.

Hi Maureen!

I do apologize for the confusion in contacting us regarding your subscription. Most banking apps will use an anti fraud framework in their app which is a security measure for them, but might cause the app to not load when the VPN is toggled to ON. Banks typically need to verify where your account is being accessed from (your location) to avoid security threats. VPNs will hide your physical location.

To avoid this, you can turn off the VPN from within the Brave app and use your bank as you would normally. Once finished, you can turn on the VPN again to continue protecting your privacy.

Additionally, you can manage your subscription by opening Brave Browser and navigating to settings > Brave Firewall + VPN and then tap on manage subscription. In the same settings menu, there is another option to “contact technical support” to send us an email if you have additional concerns or questions. I’ll be happy to help you!

  • Shannon
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