How do i block garbage ads on 9gag?

It’s the same issue i’ve had in the past, but perhaps different coding? I don’t know, i’m no coder, just a player.

Nobody? Nobody? Nobody? Nobody?

Hi @nilsiver990 - thanks for posting. I can’t tell from your screen grab, are Shields enabled?

Thank you for replying! Yes, all standard issue options are enabled. I wish to surf the lulzy pages but i only want what i look for, not garbage thrown into my face which happens more often than i like to admit. Call it damage control and you brilliant lads are my only hope, not Skywalker.

@Aa-ron - would you mind taking a look at this when you have a sec?

Hi, @nilsiver990

In the GIF you sent, that Ad you’re hovering over and trying to block is not actually an Ad. It’s another 9gag post.

Well, i’ve experienced that i am able to “block posts” but why can’t i block these particular ones that are more clickbait than anything?

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