How do I begin earning “bat”?

How do I begging to ear BAT on the brave Mobil app/web browser?

No begin brave rewards.Suspended bat reward publishers suspect activity no money no reward no paymend

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uphold very expensive transfer fee.I am leaving brave reward

I agree with you BUT… there is any choice instead? I haven’t find NOTHING like BRAVE. More… It is trustable and noone is paying for using their browser doing what I want when I want .
So… if you have any other choice share with us, will you?

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Now I use yandex toloka, I earn very easily, it is not really that hard

Also not because I don’t know crypto coins .uphold used my new wallet because it said 0 comission, I switched to new wallet, but it was not 0 again, uphold said for all withdraw and trade but have big comission .

so… you said you know crypto but you don’t know how market is? this is quite hilarious…
ever you made some online trading? someone want sell… someone want buy… the price have fluctuation every day… hour… minutes…
believe me when I tell you that you don’t have a clear vision of what are you talking about

They don’t pay a lot of people. There was a publisher complaint this morning .500 bats were blocked as suspicious transactions.My february payment postponed after 4,94 —2,30 down …go yandex toloka very easy revenue from brave

I am leaving good luck brooo

Well so… Use Firefox or Crhome … or Opera… or… … ah yeah they don’t pay you nothing !! :joy:

Good luck! … I think I’ll never miss you even a bit :joy:

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