How do I alter behavior of mailto links in Brave?


Mac OS Sierra 10.12.4 - Brave 0.15.2

When I click on a mailto link (example: on this page, Brave sends me to a web mailer which I do not recall ever configuring as the default handler for mailto;jsessionid=8p8fxwv3mo431qda7isvdnj79?view=compose& (YIPES! that’s some URL)

I would like to change the mailto to go to the gmail account I have configured to use on Brave (

Searching “mailto” in the Brave FAQs and Community doesn’t yield much - there’s one link about NOT using gmail, but I can’t quite figure how to alter that advice to my situation, in part because where the mailto is now going (the very long URL above) is such a long URL and I’m not sure which parts of it are safely stripped…

Please advise. Thank you.


Apologies for the slow reply. You may want to try for managing default apps on your system as that is where they are managed rather than in the browser proper.

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