How do i add shortcuts to the inicial page?


When you add a new tab, it shows the inicial page, behind the quantity of ads an all that, they have pre program shortcuts, it only lets me remove them or download their link. How do I add new ones?

Phone: Doogee Mix (Android 7.0)
Brave version 1.0.37, chromium 62.0.3202.84


Hi @Karalisable

You’re seeing ads on the initial page? Could you please share a screenshot?



Hi, I am not seeing ads on the inicial page!
I’m just hoping for a way to add more shortcuts to the inicial page, because right now, I can only remove them (the pre configured ones)… I wasn’t able to find and option of adding my own…

There’s a screenshot of the shortcuts I was hoping it could be editable.


Hi @Karalisable,

My apologies, when you said

I thought that meant you were seeing ads on the page. We currently do not have a way to set those tiles, they update based on the sites you use most. I did enter a request for this, it can be tracked here:



Thank you so much Lauren!
Have a great day…

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