How do I add flash support in Fedora?



How do I make Brave to support flash content in Fedora Linux? I want it to be my only browser to have it. Which packages do I install? Do I have to use external repository for that? If so, which one?

Thank you in advance.


Please follow the steps mentioned here on how to enable Flash on Linux


As I understand, there are no external repositories for this and the only way to get it working is to get flash from Adobe website. Because of that, it will not update itself as other packages do, so in other words, managing Flash is going to be as annoying as it is on Windows… This is very disappointing.

Also, the guide you mention lacks information on which Flash version should I install. There are two available, NPAPI and PPAPI.


We have a Wiki setup regarding Flash support. You can find more details here. Regarding flash you will have to install PPAPI flash. The information has been updated on the wiki as well.

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