How do I add ERC20 Tokens to Brave wallet from UniSwap?

So when I go to cutom token and add the contract address, with token symbol and decimals it shows and then when I exited out it didn’t show. So I tried to add it back in and says I have already added the token and won’t let me and still not showing up under assets.

Please advise. I greatly appreciate your help and guidance. Thank you.

Also, SPI is not showing that I have any tokens in UNI swap. Kind of nervous over here and need help. Thanks


I am very familiar with the native wallet. It is a Metamask variant. That said, the Metamask extension will accept your Private Keys, but not your Seed Phrase.

But first, as stated, I have a great deal of experience with the native wallet. I am a crypto hobbyist, not a developer. So for background, with substantial footwork, I was able to verify a transaction that did not exist on chain through the use of browser wallet state logs, log bloom, hash header, and JQ in Win 10 PShell to filter factors of my address through Uniswap’s Merkle tree.


I haven’t had much luck getting response for my myriad wallet inquiries.

I will say I have never lost any currency. I have swapped, traded, ZIL, BAT, ETH+w, BTC+w, MNE, UNI, HEX, and OXT. My cryptocurrency DOB is Nov, 2019.

I’d work with you if you’d like just for the kb add.

I added the Metamask extension Jan 4 this year. It functions well. I still use the Brave native.

If you’d like to see if the extension helps to resolve you’ll need your private keys. The Metamask wallet has an import seed phrase, but only their 12 word, and not our 24 word ones.

To get your private keys, go↷crypto wallet↷login↷hit the 3 dots stack↷account details↷export private keys↷input password

And they’ll be revealed. Protect them. Ledger them. Paper them. Vault them. Basically backups.

You could then go to the extensions marketplace and grab Metamask.
Then once loaded hit the 3 dots stack↷account details↷IMPORT private keys↷set password

Take it through the same steps as native and see if you aren’t met with success.

I suggest Matcha and Uniswap to see if you don’t get what you’d like.

Just this past Saturday, I was forced to manual a token. The extension recognized it. I believe the problem is that Metamask stopped support of updates to variant wallets. I say this, because like you, my assets didn’t show. Matcha is an spotlight Dapp DEX.

Matcha would reflect my asset value but not the asset name. This until I input a swap. When you FIRST use a coin on the chain, your first transaction will sprnd gas to interact with the contract of your asset.

Now, upon this mechanism of verification you indeed hold what YOU know you’ve got, that gas expense gives you a header for the asset readable on our ethereum chain giving us the hashability and nonce order it needs; thus, making us gtg–and that interaction of trustless validation will always only ever occur once.

Gosh. I hope that helps.

Again. I’m trial by fire in my “wt# is a nonce” voyage to the now.


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