How did a 1 BAT suddenly get transferred out of my account without my consent?

On December 29, 2021, at 745 PM Eastern Time, I noticed that my 1 BAT disappeared from nowhere. It was using Windows 10 and living in the USA. I had an issue in the summer, but the transfer to a brave software international was successfully dealt with. I consented, nor have any idea how this would have been done. I haven’t tipped anyone at all before. I am a verified account and not sure how those would be possible.

Turn Auto-contribute off. It will be brave rewards settings

I had the same thing happen because Auto-contribute turned itself back on after a year of using the browser with this setting off.

I think it is known bug (brave team knows it too). The bug automatically without users consent turns auto-contribute on. Someone had linked me the bug details. You can try going through my profile, or I will have to look.

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