How dependent is Brave Browser on Google?

It’s nearly impossible to remove the Google Corp Uber-Monopoly from our internet browsing, since their scripts are often required for most sites to function properly. Brave, being Chromium based, and using Google for add-on’s, how can Brave be independent from these tech tyrants? Is there not freedom of choice anywhere on the internet in this regard?

Brave is basically a de-googled Chromium + anti ads/tracking/fingerprinting features + TOR + IPFS. I guess you can consider yourself “independent”.

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The only problem I see with the “independence” of it, is the fact that, in order to get addon’s like NoScript, you have to get it via Google. That doesn’t exactly seem independent of Google. lol

Extensions are always risky, even if you don’t get them from Google. They’re not mandatory though; I don’t use them anymore.

I really didn’t want to have to use an addon, but Brave still hasn’t given the script blocking the kind of options I “need.” Like NoScript. I’ve asked Brave quite a few times, but no reply at all.