How come MalwareBytes is quaranteed Brave?

Claimed that was part of the browser. Blocked the entire use of the browser. Uninstalling.

I have the same. Really strange. Don’t know what’s happening.

I’m having the same issues as well. I can’t run Brave because Malwarebytes continues to quarantine it identifying the issue as the

Same issue, and Malwarebytes support is useless. So basically I can’t run Brave because Malware kills it every time I reinstall it.

But since I can get along without Brave but need the anti-malware software in a contest between the two you lose.
I won’t be running Brave unless and until you fix this on your end.

Hi @das @partygeit @timwj @John375,
Apologize this happens to you all.

Please see found by malwarebytes. There you’ll find some info from @Mattches.

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