How Come Brave Sits There Crunching At My Disk For Sometimes Ten Minutes And Locks Up My Computer?

Why does Brave sometimes lock up my machine while it sorts itself out on my hard drive? This happens when I have many windows and tabs open. I get it, I’m using a lot of memory, but come on, I basically have to do a hard reset.

How come Brave doesn’t do better memory management?

Another thing: How come tabs get too small to be useful?

How come when I have a lot of tabs open in Brave they get so small that they become hard to deal with?

How come when I have the mouse pointer over the tabs and I accidentally hit the scroll wheel a bunch of tabs will activate? I find this highly annoying and intrusive. I don’t need the scroll wheel to do anything when the mouse pointer just happens to be over some tabs. Just don’t do anything, that would be more useful than what it does now.

How come when I want to move a tab from one window to another Brave acts like it is trying to send a probe to the moon and my computer all of a sudden becomes unusable while Brave sorts itself out?

And how come it’s nearly impossible to figure out where the session_store file is on my computer?

I probably have more questions, these are all long in come, I have been dealing with this crap for too long, I’m tired of these bugs and want them fixed.

At least, AT LEAST, make it known where the damn session_store files are. I mean come on. This is ridiculous.

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