How collect BAT in a browser balance?

Hi, Brave team!
I got the message from Uphold support:

"We’ve received your query about your Brave rewards.

Thanks for getting in touch with Uphold. We’re proud to be a partner of Brave and will be glad to assist. For this kind of issue, it’s best to contact Brave directly.

You may want to review Brave’s support page and this is also their main support channel, or browse their FAQ for more details:"

In that case, could you suggest how to collect BAT in my browser balance without transferring to Uphold?
In case of the longtime pause of my Uphold wallet, could you prevent transferring my BAT rewards to Uphold, and allow me to keep it in my browser balance?
Because all the BAT gains from the ads going to nowhere each month?

Any suggestions are sincerely appreciated!

All you would need to do to keep your BAT in your browser is simply disconnect your browser wallet from your Uphold account:

It was already disconnected a couple of months “Wallet unverified”, but the Balance section keeps staying zero.
That’s why I requested assistance to fix it…


Please send me your wallet payment ID, found on your brave://rewards-internals page.

Thank you.

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