How can you import passwords and bookmarks from foxfire or the standard google browser? I have so many


Pretty much stated my question in the heading. So far I like this browser.


you should be able to import that same way as any other browser, make sure you have the latest brave browser first…

also make sure you maintain your bookmarks else where as well before you import to brave… the developers are working on issues with these upgrades almost a minor update every couple weeks if that atleast for me it feels like…

the bookmarks here on brave can be a little sticky for different users, some dont have any issue while others have some issues, and they have been noted in these forums and made aware…

right now i have minor issues and still use FF But do like how the browser is coming along

get the discordapp its a chatroom that we all use at times and works with BOTH Cellphone AND Commuter (i have both… its also a stand alone registration site but the developers here and us also use for maybe quick replies and a hello) <-- chatroom brave has set up on this program seek out the brave if you join, or holler for help again :slight_smile:

but the best place for info is still these forums




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