How Can I Withdraw BAT Coins From Brave Creators

Dear, Sir
Please tell me how can I withdraw BAT Coins from Brave Creators. My Dashboard still it’s showing payout in the process. please reply to me and please solve my problem as soon as possible
Thank you very much

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Creator payout start tomorrow

How much you have bats - you need minimum 5 bats

Which month you received tips - if you received your tips on December so you received your payment next month

You connect any wallet like uphold and Gemini

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Yes I have 13.30 Bats of my creator account. This tips I received on November month and I already connected my uphold account
Thank for your help @SidLit


Hi @SidLit How much time take to get BAT in Gemini Wallet?

i have 114 BAT and i link my uphold account how much time is take to come

Just wait payout processing

13 to 16 December complete all payout

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Up to 3 days for all users payout complete


when did you get you last month BAT

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Thanks bro For this information

Anybody can share the creators’ payout status post’s link?


i need too when u give me too

Thanks for reaching out. The Creators payment is still processing. You can follow this thread for the latest updates - December Creators Payment.

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