How can i verify my browser on a new device have reached the lifetime limit

I understand that the brave have a lifetime limit of 4 browser wallets to be verified, but what am i supposed to do if i want to change to a new device. I am going to dispose off my previous device and can not clone it as it is an android device.

Isn’t there any solution to this or does this mean that this is the end of my enrollement in the brave ads programme? Will the reset wallet option do anything?

Please help.

Hello @Sumukh1210
have a look at the post below

So does it mean i can only change my device once more after reaching the limit if i still wanna use the rewards system. Understood😔.

Although i don’t know if there is a feedback system here or if u are from brave or just a community member. In case you are from brave or are a member who knows a feedback form, could u plz put it their for the good of the entire community?-

“i get the point of limiting the devices, so that users don’t exploit the reward system. But there is this huge flaw when a user wants to change the device. A better way would be limiting the number of verifications at a time and removing and reverifying themnot before a period of 6 or 12 months of last verification.”

As it is just natural, some people change their phones every year, some do every 2 years, this just isn’t sustainable.

They are working on making linking and de-linking easier.

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