How can i transfer my local earned bat rewards to my new pc without a wallet?

Hey Community,

i am planning to switch from my pc to a new one or at least clear my harddrive to install windows from scratch. I want to transfer the BAT i have earned with the adds to my new system. Brave says on the brave reward site “Just verify your account with a gemini or uphold wallet.” The problem is that i am living in germany, where both wallet provider don’t offer to create a new wallet. Does anyone of you know how i can transfer the BAT? Is there a local folder that i can copy? Probably isn’t as easy as that, but if you a way would be nice if you let me know :slight_smile:


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Hi @SirSalocin is posible, but atm I doesn’t have access to my PC, give some minutes

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in your current pc/laptop go to:
C:\Users\"your user"\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default

the default folder is your profile, if you have created another profile for the rewards , I suppose you should copy that instead

copy it, save it in an usb device or whetever.
in your new pc, paste the folder in the same location provided over there, create the missing folders.
after that then proceed to instal the browser normally, it should recognize the previous profile and any data related to it.

I have done this 3 times so far (the las time almost 6 months ago, so I’m guessing this still works. :grimace: )

Excuse me for jumping in, but from other posts, it is recommended you copy the entire Brave-Browser folder and not just the User Data. You will replace the entire folder.

Here are some links:

Mattches did indicate using just user data folder in his post. And that should work, but I would back up both separately just in case…

@Chocoholic the only instance so far in which I have experienced issues was by pasting the default folder after installing the brave browser.

if you copy and paste the profile data as I mentioned earlier the data is not overwriten, maybe the installer thinks there was a previous installation and preserve the data, as if your were installing a newer version, not sure but it works, done it 3 times already and zero issues (even changing OS, win 8.1 → win 10)

also, @SirSalocin doing this will allow you to have multiple copies of your wallet at the same time but don’t do it, never… it will get you flagged


@JohnDproof thanks! I did hesitate to post but I am a big ninny and like to cover my bases… if anything strange is gonna happen, it always seems to happen to me! lol

Just wanted to put the brave-browser folder backup vs user data folder out there. :smiley: I would probably do both even if using just the user data folder (see first paragrah above, especially the ninny part :wink:)!

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@Chocoholic jajaja I know, I used to clone all my HDD :grin:

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