How can I temporarilfy remove the tab bar?

Sometimes I just want two website directly next to each other. I can do that with multiple browser windows. The problem is that I have always that ugly tab-bar. I could ofc go fullscreen (f11) but that is only possible with one tab at a time. So is there any way like a short-cut or something that makes the tab bar completely go away like fullscreen but without the window size of a full window?

@mfs.37 ,

Maybe . . . repeat, maybe . . .

In a New Window, go to:


Search for ‘Compact Navigation’

That may, or may not, exist.

If it exists, then enable it.

In a window showing the tabs bar, right-click somewhere along that bar, and see if a menu selection exists as you wish.

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Unfortunately it seems that this is only possible on brave android by installing a previous brave update.

you can get rid of the annoying tab groups and revert back to vertical tabs by downloading the brave apk from , then look for version 1.35.103 chromium 98.0.4758.102.

next, uninstall the brave browser app, then open google play store and disable auto updates. however, you can choose to update your apps manually whenever google sends you a notification if any updates are available. you can go ahead and update the apps that you frequently use but try not to update brave unless brave addresses this tab issue.

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