How can I send my BAT to Bittrex or sth like that


I have 7,67 BAT so far. I would like to send it to my Bittrex account.
At that moment I choose the third option, right (to Cryptocurrency or utility Token)?

Then which option I should choose? Nothing works. The address of my wallet of BAT on Bittrex starts with 0x so I think 0x is the proper option. But when I paste address, Uphold says it is Ethereum address and there is written ZRTX not BAT.

And why it prints I need to lose 38 BAT to send nly 7.58 BAT? This is nonsense. What should I do? I tried to send BAT to USDT address which is above 0x option in previous window and it was similar.
How can I normally send my BAT from Uphold to Bittrex, no matter if to BAT Bittrex or USDT or sth else, I just dont want to keep it on uphold.

“Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an ERC20 utility token deployed on the Ethereum blockchain”

Ethereum gas is sky high right now, so you can watch the gas price and hope it gets below 20gwei again and then proceed with the transaction at that point.

What the fck? So it is 114 and I will never be able to use the BAT I earned by using Brave browser as long as it will be over 20? If it is true, I feel like being cheated by Brave Browser Team.
This is so st
pid. I don’t have reason to use that browser any longer now, cause privacy is also in other browsers.
Cryptocurrencies will never defeat real government’s currencies with such acting.
Or if I’m wrong, sorry for what is above but then tell me how it actually works.

Well you can use it at any gas price. The higher the gas, the more you pay. Whenever you are allowed to have full reign over the gas price and limit you are willing to pay, know that if it’s too low to complete the transaction, the gas money will be taken, but your transaction will not proceed.

You can also see to try to get a hold on when the cheaper hours/days are. Then watch for the cheap prices and then submit your transaction.

This is still unfair. You encourage people to install Your browser advertising that You earn crypto for using browser, and then it appears that it is not normal crypto but crypto where You need to pay more than amount of transaction to do transaction. Even PayPal does not have such high fees. I will be needing to use Brave for 2 or 3 years on both PC and phone to earn amount of it which will allow me to send BAT worth 1 dollar outside Uphold. This is less than nothing.

This mean you’ll send your BAT and convert it to ZRX.

If you want to transfer BAT from Uphold to BAT wallet other than Uphold, then set the destination to “Crypto Network > Basic Attention Token”. This is a screenshot from mobile app. Should have the similar UI with the new web version.

Support article from Uphold

Like @141 said, that’s a network fee which. Previously, this fee (for withdrawal BAT to BAT) is waived but reintroduced because Eth fee getting higher.

If you want, you can convert your BAT to other coin that have smaller fee.

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